Thursday, February 28, 2013

Biggest Loser Blogger Challenge - Week 8

Week 8
Starting weight [01/06/2013]:  175 lbs
Week 2 weight [01/13/2013]: 172.2  (loss of 2.8 lbs for week)
Week 3 weight [01/20/2013]: 171.2  (loss of 1.0 lb for week)
Week 4 weight [01/28/2013]: 171.2  (no loss)
Week 5 weight [02/03/2013]: 168.0  (loss of 3.2 lbs for week)
Week 6 weight [02/10/2013]: 168.0 (no loss)
Week 7 weight [02/17/2013]: 166.2 (loss of 1.8 lbs for week)
Week 8 weight [02/25/2013]:  166.4 (gain of .2 lbs for week)

Total weight loss: 8.6 lbs for this challenge*

Hey Everyone!

Last week and this week are CRAZY at work and I am out of time but wanted to check in.  Lots of late nights=no gym time for me last week and the more of the same this week.  YIKES!  I hope to read everyone's updates this weekend.

Hang in there!

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