Monday, April 2, 2012

March Photo Challenge - Playing Catch Up

Yikes it seems like I fell of the bandwagon quick with the challenge, we survived our first (of many) bouts with allergies for the season and then in the rush of getting caught up I haven't spent any extra time on a real computer.  Blogging from my phone is a pain.  So here are the pictures from March challenge.

Day two: Fruit

Day three:  Neighborhood

Day four: bedside

Day five:  smile

Day six: 5 pm 
Picked up the kids and I'm headed home
Day seven:  something you wore
I forgot to take a picture on this day.

Day eight: window
View from my office window
Day nine: Red
My daily "pick me up"
Day ten: Loud
I kind of felt like a stalker taking this one : -)
Day eleven: someone you talked to

Day twelve: fork
Fork in the road in my neighborhood
Day thirteen:  a sign

Day fourteen: clouds

Day fifteen: car  
My recently acquired "mom" car.  I LOVE the space!
Day sixteen:  sunglasses

Day seventeen: green
My Leprechauns

Day eighteen:  a corner of your home

Day nineteen: funny

Day twenty: Before/After
I did not take a picture on this day

Day twenty-one: Delicious
I did not take a picture on this day

Day twenty-two: Kitchen sink
The kitchen sink in my office. 
 Day twenty-three: Moon
I rarely see the moon these days.  Once I get the kids in bed, I go to bed.

Day twenty-four: animal
No animals today.

Day twenty-five: breakfast

Day twenty-six: key

Day twenty-seven: Your Name

Day twenty-eight: trash

Day twenty-nine: feet

Day thirty: toy

Day thirty-one: where you relax
 This was party day at our house, I took lots of pictures but none were relaxing ;-)

I will not be trying to do this during the summer months.  Our schedule is already crazzzy!  I do not have an open weekend until Memorial day.