Monday, January 28, 2013

Biggest Loser Blogger Challenge - Week 4


Week 4

Starting weight [01/06/2013]: 175 lbs
Week 2 weight [01/13/2013]: 172.2  (loss of 2.8 lbs for week)
Week 3 weight [01/20/2013]: 171.2  (loss of 1.0 lb for week)
Week 4 weight [01/28/2013]: 171.2  (no loss)

Total weight loss: 3.8 lbs

I didn't lose any this week scale wise but I can tell a difference in the way some of my clothes are fitting so Yay!

Hope everyone is happy with their results this week.


  1. Having clothes fitting better or becoming bigger is a great feeling! Keep up your hard work!

  2. I nominated you for an award. Check out my blog post.

  3. How your clothes fit, and how you feel are the most important. Good job!

  4. Hey to me that matters more than the well the clothes fit! You are doing great!!!
    xoxo Becky


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