Friday, June 29, 2012

Where Have We Been???

I've been neglectful of this little blog but it hasn't been on purpose.  We have just been busy living life to the fullest. 

Our last three months have looked a lot like this.

Cameron has finally learned to appreciate hunting for Easter eggs so we took him to the church hunt the Saturday before and he brought home a bucketful of candy-filled eggs.  Later that day we had a mini egg hunt at the house so that baby sister could get in on the festivities.
 Haley was more interested the dirt and bugs in the yard but it was still fun to watch them interact.  Cameron's preschool had the annual zoo field trip.  I was able to take off from work and go with him.  It was a fun-filled but exhausting day.  I had not been to our local zoo in a couple of years so I got to see the renovations they had done.  One of them was adding this bird aviary where you go in and the birds are not caged so you can feed them, pet them, etc.  The kids loved feeding the birds in such a hands on way.
 We tried to enjoy as much of the Spring weather as we could so we spent many afternoons and evenings outside. 

 We have this local Tex-Mex restaurant in town that we go to so often they know us by name.  They have fresh made salsa that is good but HOT.  Cameron will not touch it but Haley would pester us constantly for chip and dip.  Finally one day we were there and the salsa did not seem as hot and we let her try it.  She LOVED it.  Now every time we go she ask for her own bowl of salsa.  Just the other night she took her fork and was eating just the salsa.  Crazy girl!

More time soaking up the nice weather.
 We took a trip to Houston to watch Grandpa and the Shriner's.  While there we got to visit with my Great-Aunt and her husband one afternoon.  We even got to meet up with a cousin for dinner.  It was nice.  Even though it is only 4 hours away, everyone's crazy schedules make it hard to get together.
Hitting the Road for Haley's first road trip
Cheesing it up on the Kemah Boardwalk
 It has started to warm up so our outside time is much more limited.  There is not much you can safely do when the temperatures are in the 100s and the real feel with humidity is in the 110s.
Enjoying the rare summer outside time searching for bugs
 We just had a Garden Ridge open here in town so to escape the heat I took the kids in to look around.  Cameron saw this chair.  He climbed in test it out and Haley followed suit.  Don't they look comfortable
Chillin' at Garden Ridge

We had registered Cameron and Haley for preschool to start in the Fall but were notified last week that the Board of Directors for the preschool that they had decided to close their doors.  This call ended up being a blessing.  I really wanted to put the kids at a different school but this past Spring they had a waiting list and I didn't want to lose our spot at our current school and no where to go this Fall so we just registered and were going to go with the flow.  After I got the news, I called the school we wanted them to attend and turns out they have an opening in the program for Cameron.  Haley will not be starting because she will only be 18 months but that is good.  She gets an extra year with Nana and it will be easy to get her in the program Fall 2013.  So while we were a little saddened about the closing we are excited and looking forward to a new school in August.

And that folks is what we have been up to.  Summer is officially here in Texas and it is HOT!  We are staying in as much as possible and playing as much as we can.  Only 8 more weeks of summer vacation left.